The strength of the P.M.T. is the innovation and the  development  of new products and technologies, using the experience and the technical competences, reached in the long professional  path and passed down from one generation to another.

Today, P.M.T  uses experts in order to reach the highest competence and technological levels and it is certificated by ISO 9001:2015, necessary condition in order to guarantee to its customers the highest quality and efficient standards.

P.M.T. follows the purpose of its customers, improving the production, in order to offer an excellent service and to allow  its customers to obtain a productive result and to gain prestige. For this reason, the company marks the products with its own brand  only in few specific market areas, where it is expressly demanded, but in the majority of the cases, P.M.T. offers its customers the possibility to modify and customize the models in relation to their specific needs.

This specialized service is been highly appreciated by some of the most important  companies, with which P.M.T. works together. P.M.T. follows its company mission both with the purpose of the continuous development of products, and with the  development of its commercial presence in the new worldwide markets.