The P.M.T. philosophy  is to follow the purpose of its customers, allowing them to obtain results in term of productivity and prestige. For this reason, the company does not always mark the products with its own brand, but  it offers its customers the possibility to modify and customize the models, in order to supply an inviting product and at the same time unique and distinguishable on the market.

It is possible, upon request, to customize the guns following the style of the company brand, with the possibility to insert its own logo with labels, permanent laser marking, pad printing or it is possible to modify the esthetic of the different gun and packaging components.

The P.M.T. SRL studies, following the customers’ request, the most effective personalization of the product, the package and of the user manual, with the following sample delivery in order to guarantee the highest reliability and yield.
This specialized service is appreciated by some of the most important  companies, with which P.M.T. has worked together.






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