The P.M.T. history begins in the ‘40 years, when Giuseppe Stroppa, the grandfather of the current CEO Davide Sacco, founds  the Asturo Mec in Milan.

The company, which was specialized in the production of  compressors  and accessories for compressed air, among which there  are air guns, became leader in the market thanks to the high-quality of the products.

At the end of ’70s, the Asturo moved to Calcio in order to continue its activities with the collaboration of Augusto Sacco and Felice Pedersoli, who founded in the ‘80s the Essepi, when Stroppa decided to retreat and surrender the company.

In the middle of ‘90s with the entrance in the company of  Augusto Sacco’s son Davide Sacco, the P.M.T. begins its development both in the range of the realized products such as guns for sealant extrusion, foam guns, protective and chemical anchors, and in the  worldwide presence with the exportations in Europe, Far East and Middle East.