PMT has a defibrillator

Every year in Italy die 60 thousand people for cardiac arrest. On average it takes place one case out of 1000 inhabitants. This fact alone is enough to understand how important is the possibility to have a defibrillator available.


“We decided to buy an electric shock device and to make it available to all our staff or visitors of our company, because we believe that it is important to have a tool capable to save a life: the prompter is the cardiopulmonary resuscitation’s intervention, the higher will be the survival possibilities for the heart attack’s victim. Obviously, during our opening times the defibrillator is available also for all other commercial activities next to us.”


PMT is one of the first private companies which makes this device available inside its plant, thanks to which it is possible to intervene and save the life in case of a heart attack.


The purchase and provision of the electric shock device places PMT at the forefront of the prevention and it is the first of several initiatives aimed to improve and increase the employees’ wellness. PMT trained 6 people, already members of the first aid team, in the use of the defibrillator and arranged some lessons about first cardiopulmonary resuscitation and anti-chocking intervention. People authorized to intervene for the resuscitation are part of different departments, so that all the plant can be overlooked.


The movable defibrillator is placed at the entrance of the building, easy to reach from each part of our plant.