Meeting the needs of all sectors in the spray painting market

The spray guns can satisfy the needs of every sectors in the painting market. SP2015 designers team has gained over 15 years of engineering and practical experience in all market areas related to paint application, including: OEM Automotive, bodywork finish, plastic parts painting and wood finishes, industrial finish laboratories, decorative and maintenance painting, and naval coating. Such experience was acquired at global level testing all spray guns available ranges. The SP2015 project was conceived in the attempt of replacing a whole range of spray guns with a single multi-purpose gun meeting all possible application needs. This gun combines the best of new technologies in terms of high speed transfer efficiency.

SP2015 was designed to provide top adjustments control in a simple and efficient way. It is a light and balanced tool ensuring no operator fatigue as well as easy access to and quick use of the controls, which are always placed on the gun in an ergonomic position, thus enabling effortless adjustment to users’ needs.

In developing the product, not only did P.M.T. take into account ease of use and functionality, but it also considered important and fundamental aspects of its corporate culture, such as: workplace safety and health conditions. SP2015 provides a drastic overspray reduction for a cleaner and safer work environment.


  • Single-piece aluminum forged BODY to ensure top robustness
  • Pressure fed CUP. Painting of any material enabled by the supplied nozzles.
  • Single-piece interchangeable, THREADED HEAD WITH INTEGRATED NOZZLE for a longer lasting gun.
  • 100% manually adjusted single-piece stainless steel NOZZLES to provide constant precision and a long service life of the product, and strictly meeting P.M.T.’s high quality standards, both for complete guns and spare nozzles kits.
  • Built-in MICRO PRESSURE REGULATOR for accurate incoming air adjustment.
  • FINE ATOMIZATION provided by excellent internal pressure balancing, therefore always ensuring outstanding results.
  • Limited AIR CONSUMPTION make this model also suitable for small compressors, of the likes of those commonly used in mechanics and carpenters’ workshops.
  • Air pressure CONTROL precision for appropriate product mixing and therefore reduced overspray.
  • VERSATILE and suitable both for solvent and water based products.
  • Air and material managing MECHANISMS and SEALS are equipped with an automatic play recovery system. Robust and reliable components provide a drastic cut of maintenance costs. Particular attention was given to handle design, in order to ensure a comfortable posture to operators and top results for a longer period.

Optional products for air guns:

SSP_ENG 032015


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